A coffee combining modernity and craftsmanship

Choose speciality coffees for their taste quality and sublimate them with the work of an artisan wood-fired roaster for a taste that's far from bitterness.

Traceability & sustainability

Speciality coffee

100% Arabica coffee with a unique taste profile reflecting the terroir and growing conditions


Traceability from bean to cup

A traceable supply chain supporting a sustainable, long-term approach


Promoting coffee farmers

Producers paid a fair price, enabling them to make a living from their activity


Wood-fired roasting

Unique process in Belgium using moist heat to bring out the full expression of a profile and terroir


Sustainable roasting

Process using a renewable, locally available resource from sustainably managed forests


Family know-how

Passing on the passion for coffee from one generation to the next

Family of artisan roasters

WOODSTER was born of Joelle Driesens' furious desire to reconnect with her family roots. Granddaughter of a coffee roaster, she grew up surrounded by the smells of the "Maison Javanaise" roasting activity, with its jute bags, coffee beans and kraft paper packaging.

Your tastes - our coffee

Speciality coffee

Ethical and from a sustainable agriculture

Wood-fired roasting

Renewable, locally available resource

Aromatic richness

Coffee with a wide range of flavours, far from bitterness


At your side for a better coffee experience